🚲How to enable cruise control function on KETELES ebike🚲😊

🚲How to enable cruise control function on KETELES ebike🚲😊
🚲Friends who already own or plan to own our Keteles electric bicycle, do you know how to use the cruise control function of Keteles electric bicycle? Below we have a step-by-step tutorial, we hope it will help you use the cruise control project of your electric bicycle.

1.Twist the throttle and increase the speed to the speed you want to cruise at;
2. While turning the throttle, press and hold the "-" key of the N3 button;
3.When the cruise control icon appears on the display, release the throttle.

Remember to stay alert and in control when using the cruise control function so you can respond to emergencies at any time. When riding an electric bicycle, please make reasonable use of the cruise control function of the electric bicycle! These are the steps on how to adjust the cruise control on Keteles Bikes. If anything is unclear, please feel free to email me or contact me via WhatsApp. 🚲

Email: info@keteles.net

Whatsapp: +8613632624062

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