How to activate the cruise control function of KETELES electric bicycle?

KETELES ebikes support 4 working modes,

1. Throttle mode, single motor or dual motor drive. Just like riding a motorcycle, turn the throttle and the motor will drive the bike.

2. pedal-assist mode, single motor or dual motor driveWhen your feet rotate the pedals, the motor will also provide auxiliary power to drive the bicycle.

3. classic bike mode.-----No need to turn on the electronic control system, just ride like a normal bicycle.

4. Cruise control mode. -----Set the riding speed to a certain speed value. When the cruise control function is turned on, there is no need to turn the accelerator or pedal, and the bicycle operates at a constant speed.

but many customers do not know how to operate the fourth cruise control mode. The following steps will guide you on how to turn on the cruise control mode.

1. Twist the throttle and increase the speed to the speed you want to cruise at;

2. While turning the throttle, press and hold the "-" key of the N3 button;

3. When the cruise control icon appears on the display, release the throttle.


How to enable cruise control function on KETELES K800, Please refer to the following video

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