How to activate the cruise control function of KETELES electric bicycle?

KETELES ebikes support 4 working modes, 1. Throttle mode, single motor or dual motor drive. Just like riding a motorcycle, turn the throttle and the motor will drive the bike. 2. pedal-assist mode, single motor or dual motor driveWhen your feet rotate the pedals, the motor will also provide auxiliary power to drive the bicycle. 3. classic bike mode.-----No need to turn on the electronic control system, just ride like a normal bicycle. 4. Cruise control...

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What is the difference between K800 and K800 Pro?

To sum up, there are three main differences:1. Front fork 2. Rear shock absorber 3. Shifting system Differences in front forks The K800 Pro uses double-shoulder lockable front fork. The K800 uses a regular lockable front fork. Differences in rear shock absorbers The K800 Pro is equipped with a 1200LBS rear shock absorber.The K800 has no rear shock absorber.   The difference between Shimano shifting systems K800 Pro uses Shimano 7-speed...

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KETELES K800/K800 PRO display default settings

Steps to check the factory setting values of P01~P16 1.Press and hold the "+" and "-" buttons at the same time for about 3~5 seconds to enter the P setting page. P01=03P02=00P03=48P04=10P05=05P06=29.0P07=01P08=60P09=00P10=02P11=02P12=03P13=06P14=20P15=40P16=00 In addition, you can also refer to the following YOUTUBE video

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How to set MPH to KM/H

  Press and hold the "+" and "-" buttons for about 3 seconds to enter the P settings page. 02P is the metric and imperial setting, 00 for metric and 01 for imperial. Press “i” to enter the parameter changing state. Press the"+" /"-" to select the parameter and press "i" to save the parameter setting and return to the personalized parameter setting interface.

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