What is the difference between K800 and K800 Pro?

To sum up, there are three main differences:
1. Front fork

2. Rear shock absorber

3. Shifting system

Differences in front forks

The K800 Pro uses double-shoulder lockable front fork.

The K800 uses a regular lockable front fork.

Differences between K800Pro and K800 forks

Differences in rear shock absorbers

The K800 Pro is equipped with a 1200LBS rear shock absorber.
The K800 has no rear shock absorber.

The difference between K800Pro and K800 rear shock absorbers


The difference between Shimano shifting systems

K800 Pro uses Shimano 7-speed transmission

K800 uses Shimano 21-speed transmission 


The K800 Pro with a rear shock absorber is also called a soft-tail electric bicycle. The K800 without a rear shock absorber can be called a hard-tail electric bicycle. How to convert a hard-tail electric bicycle into a soft-tail electric bicycle? You can replace the saddle tube of K800 with a spring shock-absorbing saddle tube, which can effectively improve the riding experience when riding on bumpy roads. For the sales link of saddle tube, please click here.

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